Construction site


I think I forget that I am not finished yet.

I fear being insignificant. I fear not being enough for people. Or perhaps I fear not being enough for God..?

Lately, I forget the beauty of committing our lives to Christ. Initially discovering the beauty of Christ is full of joy & peace & freedom – talk about a heck of a foundation to build a life upon!! But that’s where I tend to lack understanding. Finding God & committing to him is merely a foundation. And even though it’s a darn good one, that foundation sets the stage for constant progress, improvement, & building of a Christ-centered heart.

What I tend to forget is that our walk with Christ does not end the day we choose to follow Him. That when we commit to the great adventure, our hearts are God’s constant construction site of an extravagant palace, not a “decent little cottage.”

It’s ok to not know where you’re going, who you’re going with, how or when you’re going, because heck, we don’t plan that. However, we do get to know why. I’m here to live a life after God’s heart – & to continually learn more about what exactly chasing  that heart means.

What I’m created for may seem like a one fat mystery right now, but Who I’m living for makes that mystery one I am stoked for.

Let’s just say I’m not sure what in the world is going on in this heart – this construction site. But I think sometimes growth is slow, sometimes its painful, or maybe sometimes God has to tear down the whole dang house and start all over again.

Whatever the case, here’s to the joy it is to be a work in progress. And here is to a God so great that he loves us despite the fact that our hearts are messy, loud, unfinished construction sites.


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