Updated 5/29/22 –

I started this blog almost 6 years ago as a New Year’s Resolution during my freshman year of college. In the chapters of my life that have passed since- and so much has changed and yet so much of who I am at my core is the same.

Each chapter is filled with different characters and different places – I’ve become and un-become different versions of Riley in the seasons.

However – the common threads woven throughout each high and low are the same. A deeply-rooted yearning to know God – to extract the full measure of my days –

I’ve always been drawn to the power of words and the way they can move and know us at our deepest parts. Finding a way to express what can’t be seen with words illuminates the beauty that the most important things aren’t really things – it is our greatest tool to identify the meaning of what is intangible.

While I’ve drifted on and off of publishing my thoughts to the world – my love for writing has only grown deeper. I only gain the courage to document a few blog posts a year. I typically reserve my public thoughts for the ones I can keep succinct and low-stakes in the vulnerability department. My bookshelves have filled up with thousands of journal pages – where most of my words are kept as sacred scrolls to me and only me. Hopefully that will change with time 🙂

For now – thanks for stopping by 🙂